Migration Support

Once the internal migration of your website is complete, there may be a few slight changes you need to make on your end in order to access things like email, cPanel and Webmail. These changes are simple to make, and we've got guides on how to make them.

General Instructions

To ensure that your emails continue to function you need to update the incoming and outgoing mail servers for your account. You can do this by accessing the settings in your email client and if the incoming and outgoing servers are "sXX.web-servers.com.au" you will need to update this to mail.yourdomainname.com (Replace yourdomainname.com with your registered hosting domain).

For more detailed instructions about your specific email client, please follow the links below:

If these guides do not solve your issues then please submit a support request (708) 496-9015.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for any issues that have arisen due to the migration. We do not plan on doing this again for a very long time and the changes we are making will improve our ability to host your website more reliably into the future.

- Panthur Management

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